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What is P3 Naturals? Why P3 Naturals? How did it start?

P3 Naturals means P raise to 3 that is power of 3p. That is POWER PURITY AND POSHAN
We pledge our self to give best agro food and dairy products which are naturally grown with help of cow urine culture, cow dung culture, and butter milk culture with bio organism and bacterial culture which helps to grow the fruit plants and vegetables and green fodder naturally, without using any harmful, carciginous chemicals and harmful pesticide,
Also we pledge ourself to provide best quality Agro and dairy food produce which contains high Power (high quality of energy and full of nutrition vitamins minerals micro nutrients and antioxidants) at the same time,

As to do natural and pesticide free farming we need to have Desi Indian cows and this is how we got in to Desi Indian cow dairy farm,

We ensure the Purity of the produce and keep it unadulterated

We assure you consumption of our products will give you very good health and rejuvenates your body and make you strong and will boost your immunity and give Poshan,

Ozyveg had social cause and motive to provide pesticide free vegetables and fruits using Ozone purification.

P3naturals and Ozyveg has same motive to have healthy food to society.

Ozyveg has merged with P3naturals for further journey.

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